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Our partner La Légumerie 53

Our partner La Légumerie 53

About our partner La Légumerie 53

The Departmental Council of La Mayenne in France and the association GENIE (Management of Natural Areas for Insertion and Employment) have launched La Légumerie 53 project. This one responds to several issues in this territory such as:

  • The improvement of the quality of the collective catering, fight against food waste and promotion of short circuits
  • The development of local agriculture: purchase of seasonal vegetables to producers (market gardeners and farmers) of La Mayenne and Pays de la Loire
  • Socioprofessional integration of a public that breaks with employment thanks to an integration project that enables the development of skills

La Légumerie 53 delivers nearly 10,000 meals a day, works with 6 local farms and employs 12 people.

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20 January 2017