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Mapotempo guarantees the evolution and constant improvement of the functionalities of its solutions.

Mapotempo Web

Mapotempo Web + Live

Vehicles configuration

  • Type of vehicle: truck, light vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, public transport etc.
  • Vehicles working hours
  • Deliveryman’s services times: durations added before the first stop and after the last stop 
  • Vehicles capacities
  • Double units for vehicles capacities (example: in volume and weight)
  • Fuel type and average consumption
  • Start and end depot location or free depot location (data importation is available)
  • Rests duration, time window and place
  • Multiple management of your vehicles: specify multiple profiles for your vehicles
  • Set up service times (times are added before the first stop and after the last stop of the route)
  • Set up specific skills for each vehicle

Destinations (customers) management

  • Address geocoding by entering or importing data
  • Visit time windows
  • Delivery quantity
  • Visit duration
  • Integration of unplanned customers by drag and drop
  • Repositioning a visit point by drag and drop
  • Create several visits with different characteristics (quantity, duration etc.) for the same destination
  • Addresses importation from TomTom WEBFLEET
  • Set up whether a destination’s visit is a filling or emptying of thevehicle by at least x quantities
  • Define a visit priority for each destination


  • Zoning areas to be delivered by vehicle

  • Automatic zoning generation from the planning or regarding number of vehicles
  • Automatic Isochron and Isodistance generation: they define the points accessible by a vehicle in a given time or a given distance


  • Creating specific filters to plan and optimize all or part of the database
  • Reverse route order by one click
  • Mass assigment of unscheduled stops


  • Select customer to not visit by check/uncheck
  • Optimization calculation for each route or the whole
  • Results: route total duration, route total distance and CO2 emissions
  • Change scheduling of routes destination by drag and drop with automatic generation of a new route computation
  • Constraint management: destinations time windows, prioritization of the destinations to visit, visit type “filling” or “emptying”, visit duration, quantities and types of units to be delivered, capacities and types of units carried by vehicles, routing engine, highway and tolss avoidance, arrive/leave in the traffic direction , vehicles skilss, time shift of mobile staff, service times, work time, time window, duration and rest place


  • Results exploitation: road maps and maps
  • Route exportation to GPS.Pro and mobile terminals
  • Real-time vehicle position display for TomTom solutions subscribers
  • Diffusion en temps réel des statuts des commandes depuis TomTom WEBFLEET vers Mapotempo Web (option)
  • Sending routes by email in KML format. Can be used on smartphones via navigation applications
  • Planning synchronization to a calendar that support iCal format.

Live tracking

  • Routes exportation on Mapotempo Live
  • Real-time monitoring of mission execution thanks to the status of the destinations validated by the mobile team: Planned, Started, Completed, Rejected …
  • Geolocation of the vehicles fleet
  • Calculation of estimated time of arrival (ETA), based on real-time traffic data
  • Automatic SMS sending to customers based on the workflow defined by the user, e.g. SMS at the start of the route, SMS when vehicle is approaching, SMS to the next destination with the ETA (estimated time of arrival) …
  • Digital proof of visit: signature, photo, scan

The above features are available with the Mapotempo Web + Live subscription plan


  • Performance report exportable in CSV format. Comparison of the planned activity and the activity carried out.

The above features are available with the Mapotempo Web + Live subscription plan