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Mapotempo's Help Center Redesign

Redesign of the Help Center

The Help Center, clearer, more user-friendly:

We recently engaged a part of our team to review the accessibility, structure, hierarchy and design of the Online Help. With this project, we wanted to offer you more user-friendliness and clarity when you do your research to learn how to use Mapotempo Web. In order to do this, we have designed the online help as a full website.

This redesign is the starting point of a larger project. Indeed, after having reviewed the container, we are working on the constant optimization of the content:

  • develop our educational content offer,
  • diversify formats of these contents to meet everyone’s expectations.

Tour of your new Help Center:

The navigation menu

Wherever you are on the Help Center, the navigation menu gives you access to 9 pages. The menu consists of the following links:

  • Mapotempo’s logo: to return to the homepage of the website www.mapotempo.com,
  • Home: to return to the Help Center home page,
  • Documentation,
  • Videos tutorials,
  • Contact help desk: to access the online form that allows you to contact our support team (report bugs, sharing your suggestions, ask for help to use the solution),
  • Sign in: to access the Mapotempo Web’s login page,
  • Language choice for the Help Center (English or French).


We have divided the contents of the Help Center into 4 sections, which we present briefly on the home page. You will be able to access the following sections from this page:

Documentation | Video tutorials


You will also find a link to download the complete documentation in PDF format.



The Mapotempo Web documentation contains all the information you need to an optimal set up and use of your solution. This is a full reference document which we recommend to all our users.

The Mapotempo’s documentation is splited as follows:

  • Important informations before you start: which browser to use? The types of vehicles supported in the solution ? Discover how OpenStreetMap free mapping runs, how geocoding and optimization algorithms run,
  • Start with Mapotempo: how to log in to the Mapotempo software? Presentation of the principle of use of Mapotempo: the data import, the routes optimization and the export of data,
  • Global and user settings: your user settings with your password and your ID. Your business’s settings with the type of vehicles, the speed multiplier, the average visits duration. Finally, your export’s settings to GPS or in the form of roadmaps,
  • Vehicles management: vehicles settings, their consumption, capacity of deliverable units. Define route computation according to vehicle type, configure depots,
  • Destinations management: create or import customer’s data (reference, quantities, addresses, visit duration, visiting hours, tags) and delete them. Export customer’s data,
  • Zoning management: create a zoning manually. Automatically create a zoning from the routes planning or by respecting a number of zones. Finally, edit a zoning,
  • Plans and routes management create a route plan, apply a zoning, optimize routes, export routes (roadmap, mobile, gps, calendar, spreadsheet),
  • Mapotempo and TomTom WEBFLEET: Interfacing Mapotempo and TomTom WEBFLEET. How can the planner make interfacing and how field workers can daily use it?
  • Advanced options: Use advanced options: create multiple visits with different settings for a destination etc.

When you browse the documentation, on your left, a summary helps you to navigate between the different chapters.

The documentation can be downloaded in pdf format.


Video tutorials

In this section you will find 12 videos in French, subtitled in English. The themes covered by the videos are as follows:

  • General presentation,
  • Vehicle settings,
  • Destinations settings,
  • Stops management, 
  • Presentation of tags,
  • Creating a zoning,
  • Edit a zoning,
  • Creating a plan,
  • Introduction to optimization,
  • Routes export,
  • Export to GPS devices and mobile terminals,
  • Link to TomTom WEBLFEET

Videos tutorials

Prioritize human contact: Our support team, ready to help you !

We are aware that it is sometimes difficult to find a solution to a problem by only using the documentation. Thereby our support team remains at your disposal as soon as you need its advices.

Contact support


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