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February 2019, discover what’s new in the latest update

Proof of delivery, reporting… Discover the new features of the February 2019 update

What’s new on Mapotempo Web + Live

  • Proof of delivery (POD): signature, picture, comment, actual quantities

Your field workforce can now collect proof of delivery. The proof of delivery recording is stored and exportable via the Mapotempo Web reporting.


  • Planned and realized reporting 

On Mapotempo Web, the new “Reporting” tab allows you to export the data recorded for each visited point in csv format. The report also presents what was initially planned:

– name of the visited point,

– the planned dates and time windows and the actual dates and times of the visit,

– the final status of the mission,

– the planned latitude/longitude (address) coordinates and the actual latitude/longitude coordinates,

– the planned quantities and the quantities actually delivered or collected,

– the proposal of a new address (when the planned address is imprecise, the agent may collect a new address),

– all the proof of delivery collected (signature, photo, comment, actual quantities delivered or collected)…


What’s new on Mapotempo Web

  • Auto-completion of addresses when creating a customer 

When creating a destination on Mapotempo Web, the application now offers the closest addresses to those entered by the user.

  • Automatic insertion of unplanned and unlocked visits with the optimization option “Keep visits in the same routes: yes” 

Now, if unplanned visits are unlocked ( cadenas ) and you run an optimization by choosing to keep visits in the same routes, then the optimization engine will insert unplanned visits at the best place in your routes.

Mapotempo is a French startup that develops intuitive and innovative route planning and route optimization solutions.


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