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Mapotempo at Pollutec 29 Nov au 2 Dec 2016 – stand 4 G 124

Mapotempo at Pollutec 29 Nov au 2 Dec 2016 – stand 4 G 124


Mapotempo will be present for the 27th edition of Pollutec: international exhibition of environmental equipment technologies and services, stand 4 G 124

Pollutec: the reference for environmental innovation

This year 100,000 professionals will be expected at Pollutec. This tradeshow receive since 1978 environmental players from all over the world to discover 8 sectors:

  • Waste & Recycling
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Energy
  • Instrumentation – Metrology – Automation
  • Air
  • Risks
  • Sites & Soils and Responsible Shopping
  • CSR

5 focuses to highlight major environmental challenges

To highlight the innovations of the environmental fields that have become strategic, Pollutec visit will be divided between the following themes:

  • Sustainable City
  • Sustainable and Future Industry
  • Aquatic environments and coastlines
  • Hospital and sustainable development
  • Agriculture

Professionals will be able to learn about the regulatory and societal norms that govern each of them.


How to reduce logistics activities carbon footprint ?

Awareness for a green logistics, especially on transport

Logistics refers to the management of physical flows and their data, in order to make available the resources corresponding to specific needs, respecting the economic and legal conditions, the degree of quality of service expected and safety and security conditions. In order to ensure the link between each part of the chain, the supply chain uses transport. However, in 2013 the European Environment Agency estimates that, despite progress in motorization, truck pollution costs to the collectivity approximately € 45 billion per year in health terms. Moreover 15% of global CO2 emissions are attributed to the transport sector. This is why the supply chain players tend to review their models. There are also cyclical factors that push professionals to adopt and implement a green supply chain: raw materials price instabiliy, increasingly strict regulations and the taxation of polluting activities.

Reverse logistics: a green logistics strategy

Corporate and household awareness on environmental issues and the strengthening of waste management regulation place reverse logistics at a strategic level for industry professionals. Then, a product is not only designed, stored and delivered to a customer. It can go up the supply chain by being collected from the customer to be recycled or reconditioned. This strategy is innovative for a logistics that is no longer unidirectional: from suppliers to users. Following the ecommerce take off, in addition to environmental issues, reverse logistics also allow professionals to ensure their customers to get a good service quality with an optimal return policies.

Although it is impossible to deny the environmental and economic stakes involved in reverse logistics, it remains complex to implement because:

  • Difficult returns to predict because of random
  • diversity of products and materials to be transported
  • Lack of uniformity and quality of packaging back
  • Its complex organization: collection and evaluation of returns, repackaging, stock management, recycling or storage of waste
  • Plurality of intermediates which it assumes at each step

To be optimal, this green logistics strategy should perfectly situate and optimize the flows between:

  • Production and distribution units
  • warehouses
  • Disassembly or recycling centers

Reverse logistics: players and flows

Mapotempo your partner for a green logistics

Reverse logistics is one of the keys to green logistics. It nevertheless presupposes the intensification of transport activity to meet new chains in the supply chain: collection, recycling, repackaging, etc. Mapotempo acts on one of the key activities of logistics but also one of the most polluting: transport. By planning and optimizing your routes, we allow you to reduce the number of kilometers (10 to 30%) of your fleet and your emissions of CO2. Mapotempo is therefore part of your reverse logistics strategy.

Begin, deepen your green revolution with Mapotempo solutions:

  • Mapotempo Web : standalone web solution
  • API Mapotempo Web : Interfaceable web solution with business software via its API
  • APIs, integrated as functional components in IS: ERP, TMS, WMS, CRM – geocoding, routing, Mapotempo
    views and optimization.



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