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Mapotempo Web: Easy Manage, Plan and Optimize Your Routes!

Mapotempo Web is the route optimization web solution to daily or one-time optimize delivery, pickup or services routes.
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  • Improve your quality of service
  • Better working conditions for your staff
  • Reduce your vehicle’s operating costs
  • Better efficiency to manage your business

100% web

Without process and costs of setting up

Easy to use

Thanks to an intuitive user experience

Full service

Hosting, updates and assistance are included to your subscription

Adapted pricing

Pricing that are scaled to your vehicles fleet



I import the data of my activity (addresses, visits time windows, visits duration, quantities to be delivered etc.).

I organize (zoning, drag and drop points) and I optimize my routes.

I export the results on my field team’s mobile / GPS or I print my roadmap.

Easy Plan Your Routes

Import your business data: customers, vehicles, constraints

View all your geocoded addresses on a digital and updated map

Set up your business specificities in minutes

Move your stops or reorder your routes with a simple drag & drop

Integrate easily new stops on your routes

Optimize your routes and balance your field team's workload

Export your routes as roadmaps and/or on your GPS, smartphones and calendars

Strategic And Operational Benefits From The First Use

Improving your quality of service

Compared to a manual planning, our optimization computation improve your service quality through better compliance with your constraints: customers time windows, customers visit duration, deliveryman’s working hours…

Better working conditions for your team

Your routes manager can create perfectly balanced routes between your field team’s members. He works serenely, your field team too.

Reduce vehicle fleet operating costs

Planning time, distance, travel time, vehicles operating costs… Mapotempo reduces your route’s costs (around -15% to -30%) and maximizes the potential of your resources.

Manage your business efficiently

Difficulties to reconsider your routes? The relevance of Mapotempo Web’s features provides you better visibility and responsiveness to rationnaly manage your routes.




confidently your business


your staff’s workload and improve its working conditions


quickly and serenely your business with the right means


your business with the right means


quickly your new recruits thanks to an easy to use solution


with your business legal framework

Full Service, Suitable pricing

Vehicles number
0 to 10
11 to 25
26 to 50
51 to 100
> 100
Duty free prices. Monthly subscription per vehicles.
36 months subscription
€59,90 duty free/month/vehicle
 €54,90 duty free/month/vehicle
€49,90 duty free/month/vehicle
€44,90 duty free/month/vehicle
Quotation on demand

36 months commitment



Hosting: we manage Mapotempo’s infrastructure for you on dedicated and secure servers. Your data are protected and saved.
Online help: 24/7 accessible directly from the Help Center, updated frequently.
Update and improvement: Mapotempo ensure continuous improvement of its features and the adding of innovations.
Technical support: Our support team answer you by phone, email or remote screen sharing.


Description Pricing
Training: up to 5 participants, remotely or on-site. Remotely: €490 duty free

On-site: €990 duty free (excluding travel fees)

Starting assistance: geocoding your customer database, set-up of your business, start serenely. Prices on request.
Broadcasting the orders statutes from TomTom WEBFLEET to Mapotempo Web: real-time monitoring of your field team orders execution directly on the Mapotempo Web app. Subscription: €20 duty free / month / vehicle.
Backup and recovery of your routes plans: backup all the data of your planning and recovery this data at any time. One shot: €490 duty free / recovery

Subscription for unlimeted recovery: 50 duty free / month.

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