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Mapotempo member of the European consortium for SELIS project

Mapotempo member of the European consortium for SELIS project


The SELIS project (Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space) : 38 European logistics stakeholders, 36 months to co-build an innovative exchange platform for a green, agile and collaborative supply chain

It’s a paradigm change that leads to SELIS project. Logistics become complex and changes from simply controlling the goods flows to the integrated management, coordination and control of information, material, financial and energy flows. In fact there is now a need to create business models to foster logistics stakeholder cooperation. Recognizing this need, the European Union has decided to encourage the development of tools to improve information exchange and collaboration among stakeholders of European supply chain.

The next supply chains generation : green, collaborative, responsive and agile

In response to these changes 38 logistics stakeholders and ICT providers will co-create for 36 months a logistics platform that will enable better information sharing. This project aim to facilitate emergence of the next generation of green, collaborative, responsive and agile supply chains. To achieve SELIS can rely on the consortium of experts in their field, each one attached to 8 Living Lab which bring together the main logistics communities.

Mapotempo in the living lab “urban logistics”

As a member of this consortium Mapotempo provides its expertise on the urban last mile deliveries in the living lab “Urban logistics.” We are proud to contribute to the strengthening of a true green logistics strategy at European level.



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