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Mapotempo partners

Discover our partners

Software company, mobility software company, IT services provider, consulting, systems integrator, school, association, Free Software stakeholder. Mapotempo commits with them to build an effective and perennial partnership.

We cooperate with each partner through several partnership models:

  • Software Company/Systems Integrator,
  • Reseller/Business Introducer,
  • Supply Chain Consulting & Studies,
  • Philanthropy,
  • Research.

Discover Mapotempo’s partnership models

  • Our partner COLICOACH

    Our partner COLICOACH

    Discover our partner : COLICOACH, a transport management consultancy dedicated to e-commerce.

  • Our partner Alex Analogis

    Our partner Alex Analogis

    Discover our partner : The ALEX application was designed by and for professional delivery drivers to make their job…

  • Our partner MyTower

    Our partner MyTower

    Discover our partner : MyTower is a publisher of collaborative platforms and TMS and GTM software for shippers.

  • Our partner Monstock

    Our partner Monstock

    Discover our partner : Monstock is a fast and simple inventory management solution that allows companies to enter the…

  • Our partner Elissar

    Our partner Elissar

    Discover our partner : Elissar is one of the leading publishers of social action management software.

  • Our partner Sopac

    Our partner Sopac

    Discover our partner : Sopac offers temperature measurement products and solutions for heat-sensitive products.

  • Our partner Awaken

    Our partner Awaken

    Discover our partner : Awaken is an innovative company offering geolocation based products.

  • Our partner Webfleet Solutions

    Our partner Webfleet Solutions

    Discover our partner: Webfleet Solutions is one of the main international players in telematics solutions.

  • Our partner ISIMA (Lab-LIMOS)

    Our partner ISIMA (Lab-LIMOS)

    Découvrez notre partenaire : Le Laboratoire d’Informatique, de Modélisation et d’Optimisation des Systèmes (LIMOS) est une Unité Mixte de…

  • Our partner Université de Bretagne-Sud (Lab-STICC)

    Our partner Université de Bretagne-Sud (Lab-STICC)

    Discover our partner : Since 2008, the Lab-STICC is a multidisciplinary research laboratory in the field of Information and…

  • Our partner Notico

    Our partner Notico

    Discover our partner: Notico is an innovative company that develops solutions based on geolocation in the areas of smart…

  • About our partner ADSI

    About our partner ADSI

    Discover our partner: ADSI makes SI consulting, integration and development of mobility , e-commerce and e-procurement software.

  • Our partner Danem

    Our partner Danem

    Discover our partner:Created in 1996, Danem is one of the first French specialists in “mobile software”.

  • Our partner Nacre Solutions

    Our partner Nacre Solutions

    Discover our partner Nacre Solutions : Nacre Solution offers its experience in the fields of software development and information…

  • Our partner INES

    Our partner INES

    Discover our partner INES : With 18 years of experience as a SaaS CRM developer, INES is today the…

  • Our partner Logagil

    Our partner Logagil

    Discover our partner Logagil: Logagil is a consulting company specializing in Supplychain. It supports professionals, from all sectors…

  • Our partner VIF Software

    Our partner VIF Software

    Discover our partner: We are creators of software and web applications that set standards in the world of agro.

  • Our partner Webfleet Solutions, Bridgestone Company

    Our partner Webfleet Solutions, Bridgestone Company

    Discover our partner: Webfleet Solutions is one of the main international players in telematics solutions.

  • Our partner Idea Informatique

    Our partner Idea Informatique

    Discover our partner: for more than 20 years the french company Idea Informatique publishes an ERP, Hélios, for the…

  • Our partner Up Group

    Our partner Up Group

    The Up group supports the modernization of information systems for personal services, assistance and home care by providing innovative,…

  • Our partner CIEM,  Interuniversity Study Center for Mobility

    Our partner CIEM, Interuniversity Study Center for Mobility

    Discover our partner: The Interuniversity Center for the Study of Mobility (CIEM) delivers a Master of Specialization in Transport…

  • Our partner Valoris Textile, Croix-rouge Insertion

    Our partner Valoris Textile, Croix-rouge Insertion

    Discover our partner: Valoris Textile, a Croix Rouge Insertion organization (a french Red Cross project), sells and manufactures industrial…

  • Our partner La Légumerie 53

    Our partner La Légumerie 53

    Discover our french partner: La Légumerie 53, delivers nearly 10,000 meals a day, works with 6 farmers in La…

  • Our partner Optimoov

    Our partner Optimoov

    Discover our Partner Optimoov: Optimoov is a TomTom Telematics key partner in the East of France. This company offers…

  • Our partner BrandGeoLoc

    Our partner BrandGeoLoc

    Discover our partner BrandGeoLoc: With information geolocation applications, the creation of dynamic promotional web maps, BrandGeoLoc dynamizes information and…

  • Our partner Clear Management

    Our partner Clear Management

    Discover our partner CLEAR Management: CLEAR Management is a french supply chain consulting and training firm. For 10 years,…