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Mapotempo at Supply Chain Event: 22-23 NOVEMBER 2016, stand 2.2-C52

Mapotempo at Supply Chain Event: 22-23 NOVEMBER 2016, stand 2.2-C52


Meet Mapotempo at Supply Chain Event,  the leading supply chain event – stand 2.2-C52

Supply Chain Event Accelerate Digital Transformation

2016 will be dedicated to the challenge of supply chain digital transformation

In 2015, they were more than 2000 professionals to attend this btob showacse dedicated to the Supply Chain. This year, more than 3000 visitors are expected. The event will take place in Paris, Porte de Versailles – Pavilion 2.2, 22-23 November 2016.

The showcase of innovative solutions for a digitized supply chain

This year, thematic tours profession oriented disappear in favor of a segmentation centered on the Digital Supply Chain on 3 levels : strategic, tactical and operational. Therefore exhibitors will  focus on technologies that address challenges of digital transformation:

  • RFID
  • IOT
  • Big data / IA & experts systems
  • Collaborative platforms
  • Mobile solutions for smartphone and tablets
  • Mechanisation and robotics management systems
  • 3D printing
  • Augmented reality

Conferences cycle will be an opportunity to get feedback: testimonials from companies that have already begun their digital transformation through the adoption of advanced technologies or by redesigning their Supply Chain architecture.

How to close the gap between the current state of supply chain digitization and the ambitions of professionals by 2020?

A joint study by Capgemini Consulting and GT Nexus in April 2016 highlights the dissatisfaction of supply chain professionals with the current results of their supply chain digital transformation. Indeed, 70% of the professionals yet began digitizing their supply chain, however only 5% of them said they were “very satisfied” regarding the results. In fact, most of the managers surveyed have great ambitions to improve the digitization of their supply chain by 2020. However the simple introduction of digital technologies can not be an answer to the expectations of these leaders. The real challenge is to rethink the architecture and the implementation of a supply chain that would not improve thanks to the digital but that would be thought for digital.

Mapotempo carries digital in the DNA of your supply chain

Mapotempo is an expert in the tactical planning and optimization of your transport. Our solutions have been developed to perfectly integrate into the heart of a digitized supply chain or to support you on the initiation of your digital transformation:

  • Mapotempo Web : standalone web solution
  • API Mapotempo Web : Interfaceable web solution with business software via its API
  • APIs, integrated as functional components in IS: ERP, TMS, WMS, CRM – geocoding, routing, Mapotempo
    views and optimization.

Mapotempo Web – SaaS

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APIs: Geocodaging, routing, optimization etc.

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Mapotempo is a French startup that develops intuitive and innovative route planning and route optimization solutions.