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March 2018, discover what’s new in the latest Mapotempo Web update

March 2018, discover what’s new in the latest Mapotempo Web update

Sending personalized SMS, electric vehicles setting, barcode to scan for the visit reference, discover all the new features of the March 2018 update.

  • Sending personalized SMS

This feature allow you to send SMS to all planned destinations of the route plan.


You can write the message you want and use replacement strings to automatically generate customized content: customer name, estimated time, visit date, visit place, quantities delivered, vehicle name, visit reference, commentary on the visit.

This feature will be particularly useful to alert your customers and/or remind them, on the day before or on D-day, the essential informations about the upcoming visit.

  • Electrics vehicles setting

You can set the maximum distance a vehicle can travel for a route. This will be taken into account taken into account for the route optimization computation. This configuration is particularly useful for fleets of electric vehicles.


  • Generate a barcode to scan the visit reference

You can now activate the generation of the visit reference as a barcode to scan.


Mapotempo is a French startup that develops intuitive and innovative route planning and route optimization solutions.