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New features for June !

With its last update Mapotempo Web get two new features:

  • Isochrone and isodistance generation
  • Planning synchronization to your calendar

1. Isochrone and isodistance

The feature:

An isochrone delimits an area accessible by a vehicle in a given time. An isodistance delimits an area accessible by a vehicule in a given distance.

Try it on Mapotempo Web app! First click on a stop of the selected route, then you can choose to automatically generate an isochrone or an isodistance area in regards to the stop previously selected.



Why is it useful ?  

For instance, create isochrone area would allow a home-care service provider to figure out the area which could be serve by an employee in less than 20 minutes.

2. Planning synchronization to your calendar

The feature:

You can now synchronize data from your routes planning to your calendar, if this calendar supports the iCal format. Moreover you can choose to send these data in sending an email to your employees which could synchronize it with their own calendars.

The following app support iCal format : Outlook, Thunderbird, iCal…


Why is it useful ?

This new way to export your routes data is a new way to organize and manage your business.

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