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New features for September !

Since its last update Mapotempo Web includes a new route optimization algorithm

These complementary algorithms offer better performances for the route optimization engine

The optimization engine of Mapotempo Web continues to evolve with today the integration of a new algorithm. This significantly enhanced the speed of route optimization calculation without time windows of visit.

Mapotempo Web has several complementary algorithms, the most relevant is called by the web application according to the problem to treat. This synergy benefits the overall performance of the route optimization engine that better fits to your optimization problem.


Why is it useful ?

Route optimization is part of a logistics process to deliver the best quality service at low cost while meeting internal and external constraints of your business. As a decision-making tool the route optimization software reaches these goals by calculating the optimal route.

In order to provide an appropriate response to each professional Mapotempo solutions include:

  • Knowledge and consideration of your business constraints, from food delivery in urban areas to domestic help in rural areas.   
  • A user-friendly interface which will make you forget the complicated techniques used in the backstages for route optimization calculation: geocoding algorithms etc. In fact, half of our users have mastered Mapotempo without any training.
  •  Web services (APIs) so that you no longer have to worry about large IT integration projects.  
  • The most accurated and updated data regarding the road network, because we use free and open data that guarantee transparency, interoperability and sustainability of our services.
  •  Finally, the optimization engine quality on which we have a full control and which still continues to gain performance.

Improvements also impact the optimization API

The work on algorithms is valid for Mapotempo Web and optimization API. APIs whose depth allows us to offer customized solutions to business or generalist ERP, CRM, TMS publishers to increase the functional richness of their solutions.

Mapotempo is a French startup that develops intuitive and innovative route planning and route optimization solutions.