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New features for August !

Since its last update on Mapotempo web: optimization better fits your routes. You can create two time windows for one destination (customer)

1. Optimization become faster and the result will be more accurate by better fiting your routes:

The feature:

When you optimize your routes automatically, Mapotempo Web now offer you an optimization which better fits your routes. Therefore according to the addressed issue : the time to optimize will be reduced, you get results with a better accuracy.


Why is it useful ?

Your company plans occasionnaly or daily routes to service, deliver or pick multiple points and this with one or more vehicles which have single or multiple depots. You have to respect time windows of your customers and those of your team. Moreover you have to respect the legal framework when your fleet is moving. This fleet may itself be composed by heavy or light vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians. Each company which plans routes has a specific context, so this activity can quickly turn into a major headache. That’s why Mapotempo provides the best of the technology for route optimization with its solution Mapotempo Web. Wether you are a company which collect nuclear waste or a startup which wants to democratize the delivery of the first-miles or the last-miles, route optimization with Mapotempo Web will offer same benefits:

  • decrease your operating costs by 15 to 30%
  • make better decisions : optimization offers a clear vision of your business, you streamline
  • you increase your quality of service
  • grow your business : route optimization allow you to reach an optimal stage effiency
  • improve working condition for your team by balancing the workload between them
  • easily respect regulations on transport activities : maximum authorized capacity, environmental contraints etc.

2. A second time window for your destinations

The feature

When you create or import new customer you can now set up two time windows to visit them. These time windows are considered during the route optimization calculation.


Why is it useful ?

Your driver should visit a store closed during lunch time. To considered store’s closing time into your route optimization calculation you can now define two time windows for one destination. These time windows could be for instance : 8am to 12pm / 2pm to 6pm.

Thanks to this second time window you avoid: unnecessary travel costs, unfulfilled services and customer dissatisfation.

Mapotempo is a French startup that develops intuitive and innovative route planning and route optimization solutions.