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Start-up Plan


Small fleet

We support you in your start-up project: adapted prices and duration of engagement.

  • Rates: let's study your project together.
Pro Plan


1 to 100 vehicles fleet

Return on investment and quick deployment. Our rates per number of vehicles are adapted to your budget.

Mapotempo Web


excl. tax/day/vehicle

Mapotempo Live


excl. tax/day/vehicle

How many vehicles do you have? The rates are decreasing according to the size of your fleet.

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Custom Plan


+100 vehicles fleet

Our business model and services adapt to your organization and deployment timing.

  • Rates: let's study your project together.
Detailed Pro. rates
Startups, key accounts and software publishers, our rates are adapted to your profiles.Get started
Mapotempo Web

Mapotempo Web

The turnkey web solution to plan, optimize and export your routes: delivery, collection, technicians, sales representatives.

Rates excl. tax/month/vehicle. 36 months commitment


excl. tax/month/vehicle

How many vehicles do you have? The rates are decreasing according to the size of your fleet.

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Detailed functionalities
Mapotempo Live

Mapotempo Live

The mobile application to follow in real time the execution of your routes: geolocation, mission status, alerts, sms...

Rates excl. tax/month/vehicle. Commitment 36 months


excl. tax/month/vehicle

How many vehicles do you have? Decreasing rates according to the size of your fleet.

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Detailed functionalities
The services included in your subscription


  • We manage the Mapotempo Web and Mapotempo Live infrastructure on dedicated and secure servers. Your data are secured.
  • Help Center

  • Accessible 24/7 directly from the help center, frequently updated.
  • Updates

  • We ensure the continuous improvement of the functionalities of Mapotempo Web and Mapotempo Live as well as the addition of innovations.
  • Technical support

  • Our team is at your disposal by phone, email or remote screen sharing.
  • API access

  • Connect Mapotempo Web to your favorite tools: ERP, CRM, TMS, WMS, fleet management...

Remote training

remote training


excl. tax/day

Make your teams operational faster: our team provides you with resources and knowledge remotely to ensure you get the most out of Mapotempo.

On-site training

formation à distance


excl. tax, traveling and accomodation/day

A serene start: work one-to-one with our experts on your routes management strategy. Make sure you start on a solid foundation that guarantees your success.

Our approach, at the service of your success

Tailored support

The context of your project is unique, so is our support:

  • Start-up – support in your start-up project: adapted rates and duration of engagement,
  • Small businesses and SME – support for the change and digital transformation of your structure,
  • Large group – POC, adaptation of our business model, fast and structured deployment
  • Software publisher – support of our technical team for integration and interfacing projects, structured responses to call for tenders, adaptation of our business model.

The best technology

We continuously invest in R&D:

  • 100% internal operational research and development team,
  • the priority of our recruitment is R&D,
  • engagement in innovative projects at European (SELIS) and local level in partnership with universities and research programs.

Your trusted partner

We are transparent about our technologies, our business models, our pricing…

  • our solutions are Open Source, we publish their source code on github,
  • try Mapotempo before any commitment,
  • a question on prices, business models? Everything is available on this page. Our team is also at your disposal.

Guarantors of your independence

We publish open source solutions because we want to guarantee more transparency, sustainability and independence to our users and partners.

  • transparency: the source code of an open source solution is public,
  • sustainability and independence: an open source solution benefits from a community of contributors.

Frequently asked questions

Who are Mapotempo solutions for?

Our solutions enable you to manage routing problems, regardless of the type of service you offer (delivery, collection, maintenance, sales, medical check-up, etc.), your company’s activity and the type of fleet (light and heavy vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, electric scooter, etc.).

Which solution is right for me?

Mapotempo Web : this solution allows you to plan and optimize your routes before they are executed in real time. If you don’t need to monitor your routes execution in real-time, this subscription plan is right for you.

Mapotempo Web + Live : this solution allows you to plan, optimize and live-track your routes. If you need to manage your routes both upstream (planning) and downstream (real-time execution), then this subscription plan is right for you.

On which operating systems is the Mapotempo Live mobile application available?

Mapotempo Live is currently only available on the Android operating system. Our team is currently working on the IOS version.

How the free trial works?

The free trial allows you to test Mapotempo Web + Live for 15 days without any functional restrictions. For Mapotempo Web, simply complete the form available on the Free Trial page. After submitting the form a test account is automatically created. To activate Mapotempo Web + Live, this requires an intervention from our team.

You can request activation on your Mapotempo Web + Live test account by contacting our team: +33 5 64 27 04 55

Do you make discounts?

If you are:

  • If you are a student or professor in a field related to logistics or operations research, you can use Mapotempo solutions for free as part of a partnership,
  • a non-profit organization, you can use Mapotempo solutions for free as part of a partnership,
  • a startup, you will receive a discount on your subscription.

Are you flexible on you subscription business model?

Yes, if you have more than 100 vehicles or a software publisher, we are able to review the business model of our subscriptions to adapt it, if possible, to yours:

  • to the license,
  • to the site,
  • at the agency,
  • at the warehouse…

For this please contact our sales team: +33 5 64 27 04 59

How is sending SMS charged?

The price of the SMS being variable from one country to another, we charge the sending of SMS independently of your subscription to Mapotempo Web or Mapotempo Web + Live.

For more informations on SMS pricing in your country, contact our sales department: +33 5 64 27 04 59+33 5 64 27 04 59

Do I have to subscribe directly to a 36-month contract?

Yes, because the use of Mapotempo solutions over an extended period of time makes it possible to implement a true route management strategy that brings better results. Indeed, we want you to succeed in the long term and route management is not reduced to the simple use of a panoply of tools, it is also about establishing a real route management strategy.

Not sure if our solutions meet your needs? You can try them for free, before you commit.

Am I limited in the use of the Mapotempo Web API?

If you subscribe to Mapotempo Web or Mapotempo Web + Live you can unlimited use our Mapotempo Web API, without quota requests.