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Team Mapotempo: David’s portrait, Customer Success Consultant

Team Mapotempo: David’s portrait, Customer Success Consultant


Mapotempo, a talented team dedicated to your success

Today, Mapotempo is a team of 12 people spread between Biron, since our integration in February to the Octime group, and Bordeaux (R&D division). Our team is still growing thanks to the dynamism of our business. Through these portraits, we want to introduce you our team members who aim to make you succeed!

David’s portrait, Customer Success Consultant at Mapotempo in Biron (Headquarter):

“We have therefore continued the structuring of the Customer Success service with the desire that despite the increase of our subscribers volume, contacts remain as frequent as deep.”

Introduce yourself in a few words:

My name is David Gallaire and I am Customer Success Consultant since two years at the Mapotempo headquarters based initially in Pau, France and recently in Biron following our integration to the Octime group.
I began my professional career as a logistician in a large group of retailers. My former manager of the time, who is the founder of Mapotempo, allowed me to join his team. So I catched this opportunity!

Why did you decide to join the Mapotempo’s Team?

My previous experiences have allowed me to develop my skills in logistics and customer relationship. Mapotempo is therefore an opportunity for me to continue to perfect my assets in fields that I particularly appreciate. Because i’ve already worked with my manager, I knew that Mapotempo would enable me, thanks to a pleasing management, to work serenely and to develop myself in my position. It’s very important to work in good conditions, our subscribers feel it!

What is your main mission as a Customer Success Consultant at Mapotempo?

My mission is to assist our new contacts in their projects achievement and to follow them throughout our collaboration when they become subscribers. My collaboration with these professionals leads me to provide them tips on how to use Mapotempo Web, informations, personalized studies, so that their experience with Mapotempo is as satisfying as possible.

As a guarantor of the success of Mapotempo’s users over the past two years, what is your view of the evolution of the Customer Success team over the years?

Since my arrival at Mapotempo I have saw the deployment of many software versions of Mapotempo Web, it’s interface has evolved but is still being easy to use. This has been possible thanks to the constant contacts we have with our subscribers which allow us to stay tuned regarding the evolution of their needs. We have therefore continued to organize the Customer Success service with the desire that despite the increase of our subscribers volume, contacts remain as frequent as deep. For example, we have make evolved our CRM in order to better know the needs of our subscribers and to store all the contacts that we have with them. This allows us to anticipate and respond more effectively to their expectations.

What do you think about the future challenges that the Customer Success team will face?

In my opinion our future challenges will be nearly the same as today, ie: continue to develop our reactivity and to guarantee subscribers satisfaction. That’s why, part of our dev team is working on mobility and real-time missions execution. Following Mapotempo Web, which allows to plan and optimize routes, mobility will support the field team which will be able to re-optimize the routes during their execution to face the hazards. Finally, this will allow our users to get real statistics rather than predictive, this will reinforce the relevance of Mapotempo Web results. We will therefore assist our subscribers on new projects!


Mapotempo is a French startup that develops intuitive and innovative route planning and route optimization solutions.


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