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The startup MAPOTEMPO integrates the Octime group to boost its growth

The startup MAPOTEMPO integrates the Octime group to boost its growth

The startup MAPOTEMPO integrates the Octime group to boost its growth

Three years after the marketing of our SaaS route optimization solution Mapotempo Web, today we are proud to announce the integration of Mapotempo into the international Octime-Spec group, which is a model in terms of development and management.

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In 2012, Mapotempo is founded by a logistics expert Mehdi Jabrane. Soon, he will be joined by an associate enthusiast and involved in open source and cartography, Frédéric Rodrigo. The adventure starts with an observation made by the two men: 80% of professionals with a delivery, pickup or service activity made their routes planning by hand because they couldn’t access to the technology. This one was too costly, rigid and complex to implement. Professionals also had to cope with the increasing complexity of their activities, particulary due to urban concentration’s increase, tighter environmental regulations, or hardening competitive pressure on their markets.

To meet the needs of these different structures types: independent, small businesses, large groups and software companies, the two partners will create a fited offer for each of them. To succeed Mapotempo will develop Open Source-based techonologies. The Open Source ensures more transparency and independence for users. Mapotempo will also offer professionals more flexibility and adapted economic models thanks to the different integration levels of its solutions:

  • Mapotempo Web: standalone web solution in SaaS,
  • API Mapotempo Web: web solution interfaced with business software via its API,
  • APIs: embeddable web solutions as functional components to software (geocoding, routing, Mapotempo views and optimization).

Seduced by the technological and economic relevance of the startup, the Octime-Spec Group’s president, Guillaume Berbinau, wishes today to support Mapotempo to becomes a leading player in the mobile resources optimization. Octime-Spec is a healthy and fast growing company with nearly 20 years of experience in its field, 800,000 users in France, involved in 40 countries and today the leader in the fields of HR Planning, Time Management , And access control.

For these two french companies, this engagement is very meaningful. Indeed, Mapotempo strengthens its national and international credibility in the route planning and route optimization’s market. For the Octime-Spec group, this acquisition consolidates its leading position in the innovation race inherent in the IT world.



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Mapotempo is a French startup that develops intuitive and innovative route planning and route optimization solutions.